brian with seederBrian Clements
67240 Cross Rd.
Ashland, WI 54806

Brian joined Pasture Perfect in 2014 and is now raising chicken on his farm near Moquah. A lifelong gardener, Brian founded Northcroft Farm in 2010, renting land from Chris Duke and Autumn Kelly, owners of Great Oak Farm. In the fall of 2013, Brian found a permanent location near Moquah and is ready to work himself to the, live the dream! Northcroft is a diversified farm dedicated to production of high quality fruits, vegetables, and meats. Brian's specialty is new and different vegetables including tomatillos, dragon tongue beans, and Chinese eggplant. You can find Brian at the Ashland and Washburn Farmer's Markets.
Vranes FarmJay Cablk and Carrie Linder
63700 Vranes Road
Ashland, WI 54806

The original homestead was settled by the Vranes family, immigrants from Yugoslavia, in 1914. In 2000, Jay Cablk and Carrie Linder purchased the Vranes Farm from one of the Vranes grandchildren. While the original home is no longer standing, and the windmill has since been replaced with an electric pump, both families came to believe that this land was the key in the pursuit of a better life.

The barn, over 70 years old remains an integral part of what the land stands for today. While no longer a dairy operation, the homestead is thriving in a different manner. A large vegetable garden and greenhouse, both egg laying and meat chickens and a small flock of sheep carry on the homesteading tradition.

It really all began when we wanted to create our own compost for the vegetable gardens. We first started with the chickens, but they did not provide quite enough composted material, so a small flock of sheep was acquired in 2003. Over the past few years it has become an integrated system with being able to provide the nutrients for the gardens from that which is produced by the sheep. We are just pleased to know the animals live a good life, and that we can provide healthy, humanely raised lamb and poultry. Great taste is our goal, achieved through our animal husbandry principles that include treating our animals humanely, feeding them chemical-free hay and feeds, and allowing them to mature naturally. As said by our customers, our lamb is the best they have ever tasted.

In addition to raising chickens, sheep, a few occasional pigs and produce, we operate Jay’s Tree Care. Jay is considered the “Tree Guy” by many and has a special knack for climbing the tallest of trees imaginable. The tree business includes other opportunities such as fire wood and wood chips.

Products available include: pastured-poultry, grass-fed lamb, vegetables, wood chips.
Bob & Reba Rice
4355 Kaukamo Rd.
Oulu, WI, 54847

Muskeg Ridge Farm is owned and operated by Bob and Reba Rice in the town of Oulu.  The farm is located between the Iron River and Muskeg Creek, shortly before Muskeg joins with the Iron. In years past, the location was home to a dairy farm operated by the Jenson family, butwas out of production for a number of years prior to Bob and Reba buying the property and small home.  For the last 4 years, Bob and Reba have been raising pastured pigs and poultry.  They also keep several colonies of honey bees and sell the honey.  The road to agriculture has been a somewhat circuitous road consisting of varied and incongruous professional experiences.  Along the way, the one constant for Bob, who does most of the work at Muskeg Ridge Farm, has been a deep love for wilderness and a desire to walk the tenuous path between wild and domesticated life as work and play compete for attention.
Wild Hollow FarmMelissa and Jason Fischbach
42395 Berweger Rd.
Ashland, WI 54806

Wild Hollow Farm is a family farm owned and operated by Melissa and Jason Fischbach. Like many of the farm properties of the region, the farm was once a vibrant dairy farm. The previous owners Fritz and Viola Berweger milked cows for many years. The last dairy cow left the farm in 1985 and the buildings and property sat idle for 20 years. Wild Hollow Farm was started in 2006 with the goal of building a diversified agricultural enterprise focused on hazelnuts, poultry, vegetables, and small fruits. We grow most of the vegetables in high tunnels and sell to area restaurants and to the Chequamegon Food Cooperative. With four small kids, things are going slow but steady. The hazelnuts are just now starting to come into production and we hope to start selling soon, but first we have to stop eating them all ourselves! Our red, white, and pink currants are also coming into production and you may have enjoyed them on desserts or in baked goods from local establishments. Melissa will be selling fresh cut flowers starting in the spring of 2016!