When you order through Pasture Perfect you will be ordering direct from one of our farms.
Choose the farm and pick-up dates that work best for you!

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Instructions for Ordering Online….
1. From the choices below, add the pick-up dates you want to your shopping cart by clicking on “Add to Cart”.
2. Once in your shopping cart, choose how many birds you want for each date. Click “Update Cart” before checking out!
3. You will pay a $10/chicken and $20/turkey down payment for each bird ordered. You will pay the balance direct to the farm when you pick up your birds.
4. Email confirmation will be sent to you within one week of receiving your order.
5. A reminder email will be sent one week prior to your pick-up date(s).

Please contact us at 715-278-3978 or with any ordering or product questions.

Order 10 Birds or More and Get a 10% Discount!
Discount will be applied toward the purchase when you pick up the birds and pay your balance.

FRESH Chickens – $4.69/lb
These popular chickens are raised for 8 weeks and have a dressed weight between 4-6 lbs.  Raised on pasture the flavor is amazing whether baked, roasted, fried, or BBQed.  Available fresh on June 18 and September 3 or frozen pretty much all year.

FROZEN Chickens – $4.69/lb
One thing we’ve learned over the years is not everyone has a huge freezer, so we do the freezing and storage for you. These are the exact same birds as the Fresh chickens and raised the exact same way. The only difference is we put them in the freezer. Packed in a vacuum pack bag, these birds stay nice and fresh.

FRESH Turkeys – $4.69/lb
Our turkeys are perfect for the Thanksgiving table no matter how you cook them.  Raised for 17 weeks they dress-out between 14-20 lbs making for a wonderful meal and plenty of leftovers.  Available fresh on October 15.

Frozen White Thanksgiving Turkeys -$4.69/lb
These are the same turkeys as the Oct 16 fresh turkeys only we’ve frozen them for you. You’ll pick them up frozen on Sunday, Nov 19 with plenty of time to get them thawed and cooked by Thanksgiving dinner. After 8 years of shivering in late November processing turkeys we’ve decided to raise all the turkeys for the October date and store them frozen for Thanksgiving week.

Northcroft Farm (Near Moquah)

Thanksgiving Turkeys -$4.69/lb

Sold Out



Wild Hollow Farm (near Sanborn)

PPP Chickens – $4.69/lb

Sold Out